The Damascus Emergency Communications Team - DECT

  • DECT is affiliated with the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD). Club members who are also DVFD members constitute the Chief's Emergency Communications Support Committee. 
  • The DVFD Fire Chief activates the Committee (and, thereby, DECT) when needed for emergencies or for public service events.
  • The normal operations for the DECT are VHF and UHF voice using local repeater(s) or direct. We also host a substantial Field Day activity operated jointly with another local club  - please see the announcement below for more information about the annual Field Day Event.
  • DECT is always looking for new members, either those already licensed amateurs or "newbies" who need help training for and obtaining a license. Visitors are welcome, so come check us out!
  • For more information about DECT please send an email to

Amateur Radio Field Day!

Thanks to the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD), the Damascus Emergency Communications Team and the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club partner each year to host a Amateur Field Day!  The base of operations is the DVFD Activities Center Pavilion.

  Field Day is an annual emergency communications mobilization exercise in the United States and Canada and is held the fourth weekend of June each year. It is the largest such on-the-air event with over 35,000 operators. It is intended to learn, practice, and experience setting up and operating remotely located stations.

  • Our amateur radio (“ham radio”) operators will be positioned at the DVFD pavilion, in mobile units that will be in motion or temporarily stopped, and at home or other fixed stations dispersed throughout Montgomery County. They will communicate with other stations using voice, data, and “CW” (the last requires using Morse Code). These other stations might be anywhere within the two countries mentioned above or, possibly, other places around the world.
  • There will also be a “Get on the Air” (“GOTA”) station for people who want to try their hand at transmitting on the air.
  • The timing of the field day event may change from year to year but operations usually begins on a Saturday at 1:00 pm.


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